Big Country Water Well Drilling & Pump Services Big Country Water Services is a turnkey drilling and water services company serving Colorado City, Snyder, Abilene, San Angelo, Sweetwater, Big Spring, Garden City, Sterling City and Midland.

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Our Services

sterling city water well service
Water Well Drilling

BCWS is capable of drilling to depths needed by our clients. We provide turnkey construction onsite, from site prep to downhole infrastructure completion.

Sterling City Water Well Service
Municipal Wells

BCWS specializes in full spectrum installation and rehab services associated with the water needs of many west Texas municipal well systems. We have references available from your neighboring cities to provide quality insight of our effectiveness for creating safe and available supplies of drinking water.


  • Turnkey Well Rehab (recommended annual checkup for pump performance)
    • Downhole camera for:
      • Before/after video demonstration (to validate work performed)
      • Casing and drop pipe integrity inspection
      • Stoppage issues (collapsed pipe, leakage, packing issues,)
    • Acidize and Chemical treatments
    • Screen cleaning
    • Perforation cleaning
  • Submersible pump installation and rehabilitation
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Geophysical Logging
  • Meter repair and replacement
  • Pump Sizing
  • Surge Blocking
  • Electrical troubleshooting
remote water well monitoring system
Oil & Gas

BCWS provides a variety of water services for our Energy Partners in West Texas.  We specialize in water well drilling, pump placement and testing, equipment transfer, and Frac Pond prep.  We provide quality installation at competitive pricing.  We will beat your incumbent supplier.

We also provide fully automated solutions for remotely monitoring water wells from your laptop or cell phone.  This system provides water operators to manage dozens of wells with text message and email status reports, malfunction reports, and provides remote metering of water. The operations is anchored on a cloud application accessible by leadership and operators only.

BCWS also provides services to install new wells or augment existing wells.


  • Well drilling and construction
  • Water well system design
  • Down hole camera with 360 degree viewing capabilities
  • SubmersiblePump installation
  • Well rehab to achieve more efficient productivity and flow of water
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Ground Storage Tanks
  • Maintenance and repair work


BCWS also provides purchase and lease models for water operations infrastructure.


  • Submersible Pumps
  • Water Well Infrastructure
  • Water Transfer Equipment (Well to Frac Pond to Frac Tank)
  • Oil Field Water Equipment
  • Generators (Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel, Gas)
  • Dewatering Pumps
san angelo water well service

BCWS offers a turnkey solution for Farmers who need water solutions for their most important asset. We alleviate water concerns for irrigation needs in any agriculture environment.

  • Well drilling and construction.
  • Pump and product installation.
  • Well rehab to achieve better productivity and lower energy cost.
  • Down hole camera for logging issues and identifying any flow concerns.
  • Water Quality Testing.
  • Ground Storage Tanks.
  • Routine maintenance and repair work.
abilene water well service
Home Water Well Drilling
  • Well drilling and construction
  • Pump and product installation
  • Drop Pipe cleaning
  • Pump Repair
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Ground Storage Tanks
  • Well rehab to achieve better productivity and lower energy cost
  • Down hole camera for logging issues and identifying any flow concerns
  • Routine maintenance and repair work
nolan drop pipe cleaning

BCWS provides a turnkey solution for all water related ranching needs. We founded our business on helping ranchers. We are the only regional company that provides Windmill repairs and installation. We provide a variety of solutions for remote water needs. This includes Windmill, Solar, and Electric pumps that meet any type of demand for the west Texas Rancher.

  • Windmill/Solar/Electric pump installation and repair.
  • Drilling and site construction.
  • Above ground water tank storage.
  • System design and installation.
  • Water Well rehabilitation.
  • Water Quality Testing.

There isn’t a ranch water need we cannot install, repair, or design

midland water well service

BCWS provides emergency services outside of business hours (7am – 6pm). The cost varies with complexity and need and will be discussed before we arrive on location to provide needed repairs.

In event of a water related emergency please call our Field Operating Partner:

Kenneth Rich (325) 242-2654

snyder water well service
Down Hole Camera

BCWS provides down camera work to validate work completion. BCWS offers cutting edge technology to our clients to view and inspect the integrity and condition of their below ground water wells. Our camera possesses a downhole look with 360 views of the pipe and side view focus capabilities.
Common uses:

  • Validation of work performed (Before and After observations for client)
  • Well logging (Municipal needs)
  • Inspection of well infrastructure integrity
  • Identifying:
    • Collapsed pipe
    • Stoppage Issues
    • Packing blockage
    • Screen blockage
    • Perforation blockage
    • Screen clearance
  • Oil and Gas well flow concerns
borden water well rehabilitation
Water Quality Testing

BCWS is capable of testing for all health and environmental concerns associated with your water supply.

  • Full spectrum testing and analysis
  • Odor and Cloudiness
  • E Coli (coliform bacteria), Nitrates, Iron, Manganese, Sulfides
  • Water hardness

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